Groundhog Weekend…

This weekend, is much the same as last…Same crappy chores, just in a different room. We decamped from the library, back to the lounge, then back to library armed with our current weapons of choice – steamers and scrapers. Here is how it used to look, before we swung in with our wrecking ball.


Predictably, the plaster came off with the paper. Great. Oh, and the picture rail fell too. On the plus side, between layer 2 and 3 of ceiling paper, was a fab shade of yellow, oddly the exact shade I picked for my Blog highlight colour last week, I seem to have subconsciously branded the project, and appointed dirty yellow the corporate shade.


Oh well, at least Dottie had a nice day, spot the cat!


4 thoughts on “Groundhog Weekend…

  1. I have been there!! I HATE stripping wallpaper. The ancient stuff in my house either wants to leap off the wall when I want it to stay, or not budge when I want it gone. But you have some nice textures in your photos! And Dottie is a cutie.

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