Pre-Christmas Skiving Weekend…

There was no post this weekend, we went away to Shropshire to stay somewhere with heating… What a treat! We stayed in a little cottage in the grounds of Hennell Hall, we stayed in ‘Butler’s a Quarters’ which had the most incredibly comfy bed, a log burner and a hot tub overlooking the lake, perfect!

The lovely warm cottage has made me feel even colder at home, especially when the gas people called to say we’re looking at installation in late March, as they need to close the road to run gas to the house… We’ll be popular then! While exploring we did a little vintiquing, it would have been rude not to, we purchased these little lovelies…

This candle holder, which stands about 3.5 foot tall, and this lovely linen fabric, £4 each, can’t say fairer than that. Dottie was not impressed, but I was.

There’s not too much we can do on the house at the moment, we just have people coming in and out quoting on major works. Lots of tea and tape measures. We came home this morning and decided to go tree shopping. I was a little over enthusiastic with the height of our ceilings, after spending the last few years in a cottage, the ceilings here feel as high as the sky… Evidently not quite, the hole in the ceiling plaster allowed it to squeeeeze in, just. One of my relatives told me my Great Uncle used to say ‘If you are going to have one, have a big ‘un’, so Uncle Peter, this ones for you!


Finally for the day, I’ve put one of my favourite Lansdowne finds on the mantle… The Nativity collection we found in a cake tin in the attic…

We seem to be a donkey or two short, and some of the animals are of questionable scale, but I think it rocks!

3 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Skiving Weekend…

  1. I think your nativity scene is wonderful! I wonder the stories it could tell of Christmas past…. Starting to get into the Christmas spirit more and more, I love your tree…the grander the better :0) Happy decorating and keep warm!

  2. I am sure all the nativity figures appreciate getting out of the attic! Love the story about fitting the tree into the ceiling crack … only home renovators can relate! Dottie and the linen are lovely. Enjoy your holidays and stay warm!

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