Attic Conversion…

20140119-134557.jpg I so love the attic in this house, it’s an Aladdin’s cave of clutter. I’m a lucky girl to have inherited this odd collection, but it does make me a little bit sad to see the history of a family no longer loved… Christmas decorations, records, books and photographs.

There’s a few nice bits of furniture, though most of it has been sawn in half. Obviously!?

This unit survives intact, I think he’ll be brought down into the house again one day.

20140119-134440.jpg I love the little glass display cabinet, it needs a little TLC but has a few random bits and bobs in it, a lace collar, an old letter and a few cigarette cards.


There are LOADS of gramophone records, think we’ll sell them at some point.

20140119-133836.jpg There is also a vintage board game, it looks like it’s seen some fun over the years, I think it’s best days are sadly behind it!


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