Slow News Week…

Feels like there been little progress this week, at least aesthetically anyway. We’ve been busy getting in quotes for re-wire (under budget, whoop!), arranging for gas to be fitted and for roof to be patched. Seems winter arrived this week and the reality of spending it in a house with no heating is starting to set in, we’re committed now so just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it… It’s still going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better!

I’ve also spent far too long figuring out how to make this bloody blog look nice… I’m getting there!

We spent yesterday stripping wallpaper from the lounge, a thankless task as there were several dull layers of painted paper, I’ve quite enjoyed stripping back layers of history in the other rooms, in this one though just orange and lilac paint. We did see however that the coving used to be black…hmm. The chimney breast was the last place to strip, the plaster came off with the paper, as did a little of the coving, but I think I can repair it. A chunk of plaster from the bedroom chimney place above also came down in sympathy. Roll on decorating phase.



Today we needed to remove the rest of the paper from the ceiling and race to pull down the rough section above the window before it falls on our heads or squashes the cat.

Later that day…

So only a little bit of the ceiling came down, which was a bonus. We blew up yet another wallpaper stripper (averaging one per room currently) and I tore a hole in my amazing pink boiler suit…sad times.


The room feels bigger and brighter already, homework for the week is to do the last bit of paper scraping in there, and hopefully attack the ceiling rose (eek) in readiness to do it all again next weekend in the library, oh the joys!


4 thoughts on “Slow News Week…

  1. We had a great time renovating the three old houses we purchased when I was happily married. You enjoy it. The has loads of potential and when it is finished? You got nothing to do in the evenings!

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