Weekend Black Hole

We seem to have been busy all weekend, but not actually achieved very much… There’s been a few of those weekends recently.

In no particular order, here we go…

1. We removed the ramp going from the hall to the kitchen, I was uber pleased, as against all the odds, the tiles remained intact under the concrete, result!

The concrete is now out in the yard, if you look carefully you’ll see Dottie is evidently not the first cat to make a nuisance of itself in this house!

20140506-194740.jpg2. Tidied a tiny patch of the garden, about 0.5%, if that, but I popped in some flowers, and flowers ladies and gentlemen, make me happy. I’m very pleased with my azalea in its chimney pot.

20140506-194855.jpg3. Mum and Dad gave us this garden ‘to do’ blackboard, sniggering that we’ll need ‘considerably more writing space’ to list the tasks required to get the garden looking half decent, oh, how we laughed.


4.Picked some lily of the valley, I tried in vain to grow these at Ivy Cottage (my previous house) but here lots and lots have popped up, and they smell just incredible.


5. Excitedly Ebayed my old dining chairs…out with the old, in with the older.

20140505-203427.jpg We visited Peppermill Antiques yesterday and they have the most amazing dining tables…I usually spend hours, days, weeks searching for a piece of furniture before I find the one, but here I was spoiled for choice. They even had kitchen stools I liked, though no stock till July… Argh!

6. Ronnie finished off excavating the library fireplace. Looks amazing, I’m looking forward to curling up in front of a fire in there one of these days.


7. Received my lovely new string bowl from Maid Of Clay. Who knew I even needed a string bowl?! Adore.

20140506-201014.jpg8. Bought a stool for the lounge, onto the ever growing project pile for him. I’ve been after a footstool for a while, I bought this then found a much better one a few in the next antique shop. It had claws for feet! Boo.

Meanwhile, in the garden, Dottie found all of this quite exhausting…


8 thoughts on “Weekend Black Hole

  1. As cats are wont to do, Dottie looks comfortable in what should be a ridiculously uncomfortable position. You should keep that piece of concrete with the little witty prints. I am impressed with your productivity and like you purchases, especially the string bowl.

  2. So smart of you to mix the creative endeavors (shopping and gardening) with the more mundane (demolition). Love the in tact tiles. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • I think you have to balance these things, not sure we’d cope otherwise! Lucky with the tiles, we’ve still to lift the whole carpet, but from what we’ve seen, there only seems a few broken.

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