This weeks news…

This week has been a mixed bag, most notably the electrician has been and finally connected the extractor and hob! Hurrah! The bad news is that it failed to occur to us that our pans wouldn’t work with an induction hob…fail!

20140510-211914.jpg We had intended to spend the afternoon getting the last teeny-tiny bits of wallpaper off in the hall in readiness for the plasterers to start, unfortunately about another ton of plaster came off, depressing…we thought we were past that stage. The silver lining was that we found the old servants bell system! “Ding Ding, might you come and clean the plaster up please?!”

20140510-212554.jpg We (I) have also sorted out the Kitchen fittings, so everything now has it’s place…

20140510-213135.jpg Ikea drawer fitting, the baking drawer.

Another Ikea fitting, cleaning drawer.

20140510-213310.jpg Ikea drawer fitting and genius lid rack, admittedly less useful now I’ve had to throw out all of the pans, minor hitch. The freshly painted pantry now holds most of our provisions, storage solutions include Ikea mini shelves, tin rack (Ebay, from USA), can holder (for essential Diet Coke storage) and lots and lots of coffee jars with blackboard labels (Ebay again, this time from China!). This is the how it was a couple of weeks ago…

20140511-105541.jpg And now…

20140510-213810.jpg Last but not least, we hung the back-of-door spice rack, simple yet useful.

20140510-214043.jpg We had a few hours skulking round some local rec yards, one had some garden pieces when we are ready for them, and reasonably priced floor tiles to replace the few lost ones in the hall.


20140510-221334.jpg We found this little fireplace, it’s on the ‘maybe’ list for the guest bedroom.

20140510-231025.jpg Next week should hopefully see the plasterer appointed and we may finally make a decision on floor tiles.

8 thoughts on “This weeks news…

    • We keep tugging the wire, but Carson hasn’t turned up yet! We found on some old documents that there used to be a servant here called Sarah, strange to think she would have summond by this bell system, I hope she was well looked after. How things change!

      • How fun to know that kind of detail about your home’s history. We keep looking for money inside the walls, but so far, no luck. 🙂

      • Looks amazing….you can’t beat Ikea for excellent storage can you? Also try Hafale if you haven’t already…..we got our back of door spice rack from there plus drawer innards, sink, tap etc all at good prices. So jealous of the tidiness of your larder ….tomorrow I may be inspired to do a clean up and sort out!

      • Ikea has it’s benefits, that’s for sure! We actually bought the handles from Hafale, I didn’t know they did other products though. I’m on a mission to keep everything in it’s place… I might need one of those motivational posters!

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