Today’s Progress…

Full steam ahead with another weekend of work. First up we went to the post office to collect the all important SDS drill, to replace the one that blew up in the week. After 20 mins of waiting, I was told I couldn’t have the parcel without my passport, so off I went home, then joined the back of the queue. We then realised the parcel wasn’t the drill, but the seat covers Ronnie had forgotten he’d ordered… We arrived home to find a card through the door saying we’d missed the delivery of the drill while we were out, grrrr!

We then popped off to our local door and window reclamation shop in Lye, on the lookout for a new kitchen door and a stained glass panel to go in the little cubby hole seat.



We didn’t buy either today, though there are some beautiful items… We really need a good measure up first. We had another couple of random finds in the garden including an old Bovil pot and a Sommerset souvenir.

You’ll be glad to know we eventually got the drill, so we now have an exposed brick wall in the kitchen, woo hoo! We also set about the second bedroom fireplace, it was a bit sad as it’s probably been in residence for a good 80 years, but was a bit knackered, and (I whisper) a little bit ugly.


A bit of hammering and our little deco fireplace was a thing of the past.


My new obsession is now fireplace sourcing….


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