We must catch up more…

Blogging has been erratic at best over the last couple of weeks, I guess we’ve been busy doing rather than recording. This post should bring us bang up to date, so here’s a quick checklist of our recent antics…are you sitting comfortably?

1. Hung the acorn birdhouse in the apple tree, god love Anthropologie, though it strangely feels a little less special now it’s in London.

2. Hung the doorbell at the tradesmen’s entrance.

3. Pondered buying these lights for the kitchen from Ebay. Any thoughts?!

Until I saw these today I was dead set on these prismatic shades from Artifact Lighting (beautiful products) but now I’m in two minds… Decisions, decisions!

20140427-183026.jpg4. Planted a LOT of herbs, we had these old sinks from our previous properties. The garden won’t get too much attention this year, so it’s slowly turning in to Pottsville…we need a little prettiness out there!

5. Bought a garden bench, currently proving popular for visitors to the kitchen.

6. Found more printing blocks in the garden, this time cottages and map elements.

7. Finished window frame, these show it from both sides, the arch cubby hole is now my favourite part of the house.


8. Rough plastered all downstairs walls, covering damp proof and rewire damage. Next stop skimming.

9. Replaced the bay window board. It was previously a nasty patterned Formica.

Who could resist this 70s floral effort?

It was a two-man job to replace it.

It’s now base-coated MDF. Much lighter and makes the best of the window. There are paw prints on the paintwork though… I wonder who did that?!

10. Spent another seven hours on the ceiling rose, can you even tell?! I’m on a mission to finish this next week.

11. Fitted the ceiling extractor fan above the hob. Quite pleased as it creates a bit more of a divide between kitchen and dining areas. I’ll like it even more when it works.

12. Searched, and searched, and searched some more for some bar stools, these are the current forerunners.

And with that, I conclude this week’s changes…see you next week!