Ceiling Price…

Upstairs, we have compacted everything from the guest room & craft room into the spare room, to allow us to do repairs, floors and decoration.

The first thing to do was pull down the guest room ceiling as though it looked perfect, it had zero insulation, the small cost of a new ceiling will soon be recouped through energy saving. I hate wrecking things in the house that look perfectly ok, but I’ve learned that A. Ceilings are easy to do B. Insulation has an instant & dramatic effect on the warmth of a room. 

This photo makes the task look a little cleaner than it actually was…

This reveals the true chaos of me being let loose with a hammer and a crow bar!

And this one…well, this shows the massive patch of rotten roof we found. Damnit. This is going to cost about £1000 to repair which was totally unbudgeted for but on the positive side it will mean we can insulate externally which offers increased heat retention and if we must have a rotten roof, better now than finding out once the new ceiling is is place.

I’ve started to think about how on earth to dress the windows in this room. It’s so difficult as there’s the short windows either side of the  inward opening doors. My latest thought is ceiling mounted roller blinds, as long as they are thin enough to allow the door to pass under. I’m checking out measurements as I’m thinking, if necessary it would perhaps be possible to create a counter sunk section of the ceiling for the blinds to sit into.

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