Door Renovations…

It’s been sooo long since I last blogged, it’s turned into winter! As ever, there’s been a lot going on, I don’t really know where to start with the update. The newly dipped doors are a good a place as any I guess… We had the doors stripped for around £30 each, which seemed much more sensible than spending a similar amount on Nitromors and wire wool do do it ourselves. We had them waxed but they still seem quite thirsty so I’m giving them a goat of Danish oil now and again. 

Lounge door, we replaced the handle with a beehive style modern version. The stripping revealed the ghost of an old finger plate, so we sourced a beautiful replacement from eBay.


Guest bedroom, these door handles had been painted, I thought it would be worth stripping them to see if they had potential before replacing them. They came out really well, revealing tortoise shell Bakelite. 



Master bedroom, this door was also stripped, I need to source an original brass door knob that will fit through the lock. All of our original bedroom doors have hefty locks on them, those Victorians must have been rather worried about nocturnal assailants. 


None of the door furniture will match, it would be pretty much impossible unless we went for full repro which we don’t really want to do, so we’re just picking up stuff we like as we see it. I have these two push plates to find a home for… 


So far I’m not sure where we’ll put them, but here they are in their previous home.  

An old theatre somewhere in Yorkshire, I wonder where all it’s other treasures will end up? 


More updates to come soon..Promise. 

10 thoughts on “Door Renovations…

  1. I agree, those doors are beautiful! I love the new finger plate and the push plates. I didn’t know you could strip Bakelite–did you use polish on the knobs after?
    Makes me sad the theater is being demolished … looks like it was gorgeous in its day. At least you’ve saved a little piece of it.

    • I didn’t know you could strip it either, to be honest I didn’t know you could paint it either! It just flicked off with a tiny knife and then I buffed it up with a brass polish, they came up really well for a 15 min job.

      There are SO many theatres like this closing, it really is very sad… Many of them locally are old cinemas, imagine going to see a movie somewhere like that!

  2. So happy you are posting more of your hard work to restore your home! I was worried you’d stopped! Love what you’re up to! I wish I had access to some place that would “dip” my projects for me… that would make my life so much easier!

    • No we’re still at it, just fallen behind on documenting it! For sure dipping is the way forward, so many places used to offer the service, but I think health and safety has caused them to close… It’s probably not the kindest to the environment, but life is too short to do things like that if you don’t have to. More updates soon! Xx

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