May I Take Your Coat?

The boot room (technically not a room and with storage for shoes at best) is the first area to be completely finished…

For such a dinky area, there’s been a lot done. Firstly, there was a new back door fitted, followed by the rewire which destroyed the main wall. As this is in the newer part of the house, it didn’t need DPC, but as we’ve grown accustomed to complete destruction, we decided to pull down the ceiling. The ceiling cavity had more insulation squeezed in than I thought possible and then a little more, finally we fitted a new ceiling (which is surprisingly easy.) Oh and we fitted a new light fitting. And new light switches. That’s it.
It was then on to the decorating. The flooring was replaced with tiles running through from the kitchen. The paper that took me about two months to choose took all of twenty minutes to fit, it’s a little bolder than I anticipated but I love it. The bench which I painted a few months back, has taken a few knocks so needed another coat of paint and the cushion that June made for was popped on, though I should mention June sees faces in this wallpaper, so I need to think carefully before letting her at any other projects!  The final touch was hanging the coat hook.   

 So here’s how it look – Ta Da! I’m pleased that from a useless little area we have created space that works for coats, a seat and baskets for junk storage.  

 One room finished, ten more to go…


Wallpaper – Brian Yates at Wallpaper Direct.

Bench – Abbeville Storage Bench at   Great Little Trading Co.

Paint – Spotlight by Crown.

Everything else? You guessed it, Ebay.

9 thoughts on “May I Take Your Coat?

  1. Love the wallpaper. At first I thought it was a ceiling shot. Love ticking off a room no matter how small. Good job. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. Looks great!! I actually love the final choice of wallpaper, it suits it perfectly and is definitely a statement! Everything picks up on each other, the purple in the cushion and the grey in the slate floor. Great choices!

    Can’t wait to see more!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

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