Oh Deer!

Yes, there’s been much more activity on Ebay… Buying, not selling.

In no particular order…


Montgomory the deer. Given the choice, I’d probably have had a real one, (stuffed, not as a pet you understand) but apparently it’s not PC. Monty is cool though, and will be dressed throughout the year with suitably camp, seasonal accessories.

Keys, for a door handle project I’m contemplating…

A fireplace, for the guest room. We bought on the off-chance it was a good one, as the sellers photo was crap. Turned out it had previously lived a few doors away from my old house, so feels meant to be. Because we got it for a great price, I didn’t moan about the big piece missing from the side that really should have been mentioned. Who knew, that for £15, you can have a fireplace sandblasted? I didn’t, but I do now! #smugface


Finally, a fabric haul, from Martin Day’s amazing store in Nottingham.

IMG_4416.JPG I adore the future lounge curtaining – yellow stripe, and even more I adored paying £6.99 a meter for it. I don’t know how he can offer such beautiful fabrics at such incredible prices, and quite frankly, I don’t care!

5 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

    • I’m thinking just some black polish?? I love the bare metal but it’s rusting like mad already… Yes I have some nice old keys, in one of the boxes in the attic, hopefully I might unpack some of those soon.

  1. Your fireplace faces are all just too gorgeous. I have a real stuffed deer head that Charlie bagged decades ago. It lives in the shed but one day was hanging over the mantel and scared the wits out of me. If I can find a place for it in the house I might let him clean it up and bring it in. The placement is tricky though because it sticks far into the room. Your little white head is much more versatile. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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