Oh Deer!

Yes, there’s been much more activity on Ebay… Buying, not selling.

In no particular order…


Montgomory the deer. Given the choice, I’d probably have had a real one, (stuffed, not as a pet you understand) but apparently it’s not PC. Monty is cool though, and will be dressed throughout the year with suitably camp, seasonal accessories.

Keys, for a door handle project I’m contemplating…

A fireplace, for the guest room. We bought on the off-chance it was a good one, as the sellers photo was crap. Turned out it had previously lived a few doors away from my old house, so feels meant to be. Because we got it for a great price, I didn’t moan about the big piece missing from the side that really should have been mentioned. Who knew, that for £15, you can have a fireplace sandblasted? I didn’t, but I do now! #smugface


Finally, a fabric haul, from Martin Day’s amazing store in Nottingham.

IMG_4416.JPG I adore the future lounge curtaining – yellow stripe, and even more I adored paying £6.99 a meter for it. I don’t know how he can offer such beautiful fabrics at such incredible prices, and quite frankly, I don’t care!