The Dirty Dozen…

Terribly behind on blogging, terribly behind on work schedule!

We’ve taken it a little easy the last couple of weeks, so there’s been little to update on. We were motoring ahead, we just needed to get the last tiny pieces of wall paper from the bedroom walls and then it could be plastered, problem was those tiny pieces of paper bought with them tiny pieces of plaster, those tiny pieces soon grew into twelve big fat sacks of plaster, there was much more in bags than on the walls.

It was so depressing, we really thought we’d seen the back of that stage. So, in the face of adversity… We stropped off to a hotel in the country for the weekend and let the plasterer get on with it. Sometimes, it’s the only way!

20140727-210724-76044498.jpg We enjoyed some great food and drank champagne at lunch. We did of course, find a few select vintage pieces to join our ever growing collection.

20140727-210905-76145405.jpg I love this artwork, it’s printed onto leaves of an antique book and will look great in the library. Have a look at The Bindery website, they have some beautiful things. We also bought a letter rack from a Sunday morning antique market, I’ve been after one for ages, but patience paid off in this case…

20140727-211451-76491213.jpg Once I’d bought it I realised it has both of our initials on the back…obviously meant to be!

20140727-211550-76550474.jpg Lastly, we bought a hand painted mirrored fire screen, not sure if this is a keeper yet, but not the sort of thing I’ve seen before, so I’m ‘holding’ it until we design the lounge.


20140727-211743-76663844.jpg I finally cleaned a copper plant pot I’d found on Ebay, and popped a dinky chilli plant in it, I wonder how long that will survive for!?


2 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen…

  1. You deserve to get away! We have bogged down on our kitchen, too, because it’s so close to done. I hope I can find my motivation again! That firescreen is such an interesting piece … I think you should keep it even if it’s not in front of the fire!

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