Courtyard Transformation…

About lunchtime on Sunday I was pondering what we’d achieved this weekend other that getting the television onto the wall in the kitchen and making half a frame for a window (we ran out of beading, grrrr!). Ronnie’s mum & dad were here for the weekend and shortly after my silent ponderings they started having a ‘little tinker’ outside, I didn’t take any before photos as this was just a little tinker, but trust me, it was a mess, but within a few short hours weeds had been blitzed, rubbish shifted, walls cleaned, annoying dangly cables cut and pot plants perked up and rehomed, and it now looks like this…20140706-224048-81648661.jpg
From back door down to French window…

Wall with roses and bedding plants…just pretend you can’t see the scaffolding, thanks.

As night falls and the lights come on it looks amazing…


20140707-082311-30191026.jpgRonnies mum and dad have also given us a fantastic selection of herbs which have been distributed between the sinks and additional containers and a fig tree, which they tell us will bare figs in three years time, we’ll enjoy those figs from the tree one day and remember a happy weekend spent planting it.

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