Bank Holiday Vintiquing…

Vintiquing, apparently, is the new cool word for ‘antiquing’ when the objects in question are, shall we say, more retro than Renaissance. We seem to be vintiquing at some point most weekends, this (extended) weekend has been no exception, but at least we’ve managed to get a couple of things from our shopping list, and maybe one or two that weren’t…
Our first purchase was this vase, for a bargain 50p…

20140526-180649-65209281.jpg Followed by these gardening books, I doubt I’ll ever read them, but they look good, such beautiful colours. Again 50p!

20140526-180847-65327493.jpg Next was this French school chair which will be one of our six dining chairs, one down, five more to find. There’s quite a lot of these about, but this one is a bit sturdier looking than most, love it.

20140526-181130-65490916.jpg We also found some industrial stools for the kitchen, the jury is still out on these, I want to get the black paint off the metal and the horrid gloopy lacquer off the wood…I’m quietly confident, that somewhere under there, lurks some perfect stools. And if not, we got them at a great price, so I can always Ebay them.

20140526-181428-65668004.jpg And finally, we got this… A 1920’s gramophone cupboard. This wasn’t exactly what we set out to find today, but when do these things ever go to plan? It needs work, but has massive potential, I’d love to turn it into some sort of iPod cupboard.

20140526-181954-65994698.jpg Who knows what will become of it, but at £10, I couldn’t say no!

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