Lounge Fireplace…

There has been some discussion deciding if this fireplace is original. It looks a little bit odd, not as substantial as you’d expect, and somehow, not quite ‘right’. On Thursday, I discovered this little plaque under several layers of paint ( like everything else in this place!), bit of nitromors and we had a makers name.


After much Googling, (I did warn you there would be more historical facts) I found that this fireplace was made in Birmingham by John Parker, around the turn of the century. Old Parker patented system of ‘adjustable mantels’, in essence he flogged various parts for one to assemble as suited… A predecessor of Ikea if you will. Here is the patent application:

This explains why it looks a bit odd and lacks the expected Victorian rules of proportion, but concludes it’s original and therefore it gets to stay – Lucky thing! Next to worry about what lies behind the black board (don’t get excited, I’ve peeked, nothing stunning!) and get a working fireplace in, oh, after we’ve rebuilt the chimney, of course.


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