Kitchen / Diner…



We’ve just knocked through our kitchen and breakfast room. Current quandary is whether to knock through again into the lobby… Hmm.

So last night saw the removal of the rest of the wooden frame, oh, and the lights!


Tomorrow, the master of the house, is knocking through to the lobby. I’m unsure, I quite like it separate, as I love this little cubby hole…


The wall has to stay to the right, so we are shortening the wall rather than losing it completely, which he assures me, is the best of both worlds. Well we’ll soon find out when I’m home from work tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

Update y’all! Wall gone, I like it.


Bit sad the lobby has gone, but consoling myself searching for a reclaimed glass door, and a panel to pop in the wall of the alcove. Plus, Dottie cat seems quite happy, so all is well.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen / Diner…

  1. Wow! It looks like your project is even bigger than ours. We are almost done, but it took 2 years of hard work. Make sure you enjoy it. I found that blogging about the DIY adventure does help.

    Best wishes


    • Hi! It’s a little daunting… But what’s the worst that can happen hey?! Your house is beautiful, I’d be happy living in your before pictures! Yes, lovely to create a journal of works…and if you make a few friends along the way, even better.

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