Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has been lovely, plus, we’ve had some lovely eggs, doesn’t everyone get goose eggs for Easter?! .

20140421-223521.jpgI’ve spent about 10 hours atop the ladder chip chip chipping away at the lounge ceiling rose. This is it before I started…

I’m all for an easy life so I’ve tried a few suggestions to speed up the process, including copious amounts of steam and Peelaway, basically, I found these made a nasty job even nastier, and there’s little substitute for good ol’ elbow grease and a sharp scalpel.

20140420-214448.jpgThis picture shows the 125 year old build up of distemper, paint and general gloop. This is how it’s looking this evening, still a long way to go, but looking much crisper. Only the rest of this one, and the one in the library to do, grr!

In other news, the carpenter turned up, six days late (what is it with these tradesmen?!) but he’s done a great job of fitting the stained glass window between the dining area and arch…

20140420-220144.jpg Needs finishing off tomorrow, but think it’s going to look amazing when lit at night, I was dead against that wall coming down, but it’s made a great little space, dare I say I was wrong!?

20140420-220316.jpg Like the carpenter, the gardener is also running late, he was coming to do some prep at 7pm last Thursday… Still no word, must be stuck in traffic…