Lounging Around…

I sneaked off site for a few hours yesterday to an Interiors Experience upholstery class, as the dreaded chair is now finished, I dug this footstool out of the attic, I bought it last year with the intention of using it in the lounge as a low table.


I had not one, but four suitable yellow fabrics to choose from. After much deliberation, I plumped for a fifties style yellow, white and grey.   


I love it the look of this fabric against the stripe I have ready for curtains. I may use the others elsewhere in the room, or they may just languish in the craft room… 


The stool only took a couple of hours to do as the foam was in good condition under the old fabric. I just need to paint the legs and it’s ready.  

We’ve almost chosen a fire for the lounge, we want to get that in pretty quickly now so that we can get the floor finished. We also pulled off the horrid 1980’s double glazing, leaving behind quite a lot of frame destruction.  

We have also filled all the 207 nail holes in the lounge floor, that was fun. And finally, we managed to mend the extractor fan which we thought was done for, turns out a spacer had fallen from the ceiling and blocked the motor. Oops!