Where did January go?

This week has mainly been about the rewire, and it’s been a little grim! I’d failed to anticipate quite how messy it would be… There’s been MORE plaster chipped off, holes appearing here, there and everywhere, random power cuts and as the Economy 7 system has now been decommissioned, plummeting temperatures. Other than that it’s been ok though. Oh except when the oven blew up. And when the cat pulled down the lounge curtains. And when the cat pulled down the shower curtain.

20140202-113732.jpg We’ve not seen too much of the sparkies (check me out, with my builders lingo!) as we’ve been mega busy at work, communication has been mainly through scrawls on walls, so while I aspire to Cole & Son wallpapers, in actual fact most of the house now looks like this…

20140202-104957.jpg Or this, complete with Dottie drawing, she’s obviously made an impression, god knows what she’s been up to…

20140202-105028.jpg My job this morning has been sorting out the endless boxes of switches and sockets and labelling them to make sure they go to their correct homes.

20140202-114332.jpg The electricians seem to be doing a good job (according to Ronnie, I don’t have a scooby-do!) however tomorrow I’ll be asking them what the @?!% they have done to my stool to break it and why they think it’s acceptable to leave the remnants of their McDonalds lunch strewn throughout the house. Stand by your beds! Tomorrow will also see the start of the structural work to sure up the old cracks and stop the bowing of the side wall. I’m told it basically involves giant staples and glue – Simple, right?!

In other news, the local green grocers expressed approval of our new front door while I was buying apples today, the letter box they noted, was in keeping with the period of the house – phew! Our kitchen is now ordered, and due for delivery in three short weeks, which is ace, as I’ve had about enough of this…there’s nowhere to put the apples!

20140202-112417.jpg After we’d had a coffee and some Dime cake to recover from the shock of spending so much, we had a mooch around the store and wandered into ‘bargain corner’ and you know what? We actually found a bargain! As Ikea are changing over kitchen systems, there was a bunch of ex-display bits and bobs and we picked up the microwave we wanted up for half price, which we quickly scuttled off with.

20140202-113046.jpg As I turned my nose up at Ikea handles, I really need to get my act together on hardwear sourcing, but now I have a kitchen panel I think I’ve changed my mind which handles I want, decisions decisions.

20140202-200512.jpg Cue more nights on Ebay… I’ve also been (secretly) buying kitchen accessories from Etsy and have packed off my beloved Roberts radio for a much-needed extreme makeover.