Day of Rest…

After another Saturday spent snagging the downstairs loo, enough was enough and we took Sunday off.  We chose to go to a garden festival at nearby Malvern. 


There were some beautiful plants to inspire our garden, when we ever get to landscape it. I loved these auriculas in their cheery little pots and the wild flower style planting scheme ticked a few boxes too.  


We just bought a few bits and bobs as until we clear some decent space in the garden, plants will be engulfed by weeds before we’ve put our trowels down.  


I couldn’t resist these two hydrangeas, at only a couple of pounds each I’d have felt guilty for leaving them… We also bought this little birdcage mirror for the Victorian wall, I think it will look lovely once there is some foliage growing around it.  


Last but not least, I planted out some tomatoes…’Sweet Millions’, I’ll be happy with sweet half a dozen to be honest… Watch this space.  


7 thoughts on “Day of Rest…

  1. Reading this post was like getting a bouquet! Funny, we only have “Sweet 100” tomatoes here. Yours must be far superior! 🙂
    I love reading blogs from different countries. What do you mean by “snagging” the loo?

    • Ha ha, are you growing some? We can compare harvests! Snagging just means finishing up all those tiny little tasks preventing a room being finished…and we both know all about those!

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