Another Mixed Bag…

Another week of random progress at Lansdowne. In no particular order;

We have upcycled the Victorian pot cupboard we bought last year, as an under-sink unit. We had to have the carpenter chop a few slices out which seemed a bit of a shame, but it’s hardly museaum quality. Even after modification, there is still plenty of storage space and it looks so much nicer than anything modern… #smug 


I’ve also found a home for my a Grandma’s old mirror. I was intending to hang a beautiful etched glass mirror I have from Aunty Doris, my Grandma’s sister, but, A. It looks a little too big for the space and B. I was slightly concerned Aunty D would disapprove of her mirror living in the loo and have us struck by lightening…Grandma wouldn’t mind. 

So far the cloakroom budget is looking good, the floor was done with remnants from the kitchen, the sink was free (don’t ask) , the toilet £5, the cuboard I think we gave about £25 for and the chandelier hung in my bedroom at my last house. Next, is to think about finishing hanging the light (did I mention attempt number one didn’t go quite to plan, it’s hanging, but precariously at best, oh, and it doesn’t light up…hence the dark photograph), decorating the walls, ordering a toilet seat, fitting skirting, grouting floor, putting shelves in the alcove and digging around the attic for our bathroom accessories…damn that’s loads now it’s listed!

I also collected the Parker Knoll from the upholsterer, it’s erm, very pink! I think we’ll have it in the library… Ronnie thinks it will go on a bonfire. Hmm. 


We’ve painted ceilings throughout the hallway today and also stained the lounge floorboards, now for lashings and lashings of yacht varnish!  


We’ve also been on the hunt for a fire for the lounge, we want something fairly authentic looking, but from the people we’ve spoken to today it appears that there are a couple of issues, firstly the style we had in mind are of very poor efficiency level, averaging around 15%…or perhaps 85% inefficient would be a better description. The second issue is our opening is much bigger than normal, meaning we can’t have a solid cast fire, without messing about with the surround which I wouldn’t be happy with after all the work that’s been done on it… Can nothing be easy?! 

21 thoughts on “Another Mixed Bag…

    • Too true, but you know when you start to see light at the end of the tunnel and then some bricks fall and block it again…. Will it EVER end?! And will I be bored when it does?!

      • Yeah, I went to an open house for a house on my street that was flipped into a builder’s special and I’ll definitely end up way happier with what I’m getting. I have a new friend in South Philly who wants to rehab a house for profit after she gets bored with hers – maybe I can go into business with her! (But we’re both too slow to make money doing that)

  1. Absolutely Loooooove your pink chair!!! You MUST let us see it in it’s place :)! Oh… and I agree with Chad… If you bought a boring house I wouldn’t have anything to ooooh and ahhh over :0)
    Keep on plugging on!

    • Good point well made, I think I’m just having a bad week, stayed in a couple of hotels recently and it’s made me long for a ‘proper’ bedroom and bathroom… Oh, and the light broke in the oven which almost tipped me over the edge… Grrr! Have a great week!

  2. I think that hot pink chair is completely fabulous! We are currently trying to renovate a house that has not been redecorated since 1970. That is quite stressful enough. I am not sure I could handle a sympathetic renovation of a Victorian house. Good on you!

      • It badly needs freshening up but trying to retain as many features as possible – built-in cocktail cabinet, copper plant trough, fire surround, even curtains – while making other aspects of the house more contemporary. Finding the balance is tricky but we emigrated with barely any furniture so at least we can do everything from scratch rather than trying to force conflicting styles together. I’ve done the two living rooms so far and will be blogging about those soon. It will be a long project I think, decorating rooms as and when time and other resources permit.

      • Wow, a built in cocktail cabinet?! That alone is worth emigrating for surely? I don’t envy you decorating with four boys running around, it’s hard enough with a man and a cat…I can’t wait to see some pics! Em

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