Oslo Inspirations…

We spent Easter weekend exploring Oslo, I’m not about to switch to travel blogging but there was much to inspire us! Through new work projects and a few Scandinavian trips I’m starting to love the fresh and eclectic style of the Nordics. When designing a room I try too hard to make everything match, Pantone-perfect. My mid-year resolution is to mI x things up more, and do it with style…let’s see how that goes!

We stayed in a stunning apartment with the most amazing bathroom, it was like a better version of all my cloakroom Pins over the last few months.  Small but perfect… Rustic metro tiles, an antique window framed cupboard, a repurposed Victorian table and an incredible copper bath. Envious. Much. I miss it.  


Wherever we travel, I love nothing more than to hunt out the Boho / Soho area of the city and explore with a coffee, this trip was no exception and as ever, I came home with a selection of vintage tat, but by far the best thing we bought this painting which cost about £15 in a vintage shop in the neighbourhood, I love the style and vivid, almost electric blue colour of those berries, I was excited to be able to track down the artist online, I’ve emailed her to let her know her painting has emigrated, I hope to hear back some time. 

On the subject of paintings, we also had a stroll over to the Natonal Gallery where we saw this slightly more famous painting… Maybe Munch’s muse was renovating too?


With Spring finally in the air, I also noticed a few ideas for the garden, I loved these planters outside a shop near our appartment, I’ll look out for a vintage Dolly tub for a eucalyptus…


Every bar or restaurant had benches outside, I really liked the idea of constructing something similar in our garden, the coffee sack cushions below were great too…people were more than happy to sit outside with blankets in the evening, I think I’ll get a few garden blankets for chilly British evenings.


This bench has seen better days, but looked like we could make it out of palettes, we have a few lurking round we should utilise for something or other.


Back home to normality now… Living in a building site is normal, right?! 

4 thoughts on “Oslo Inspirations…

  1. I do love the painting–great find! Also the coffee sack cushions. Why hasn’t Starbucks though of that? It’s such fun to get inspiration from traveling!

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