Today has been spent sanding the lounge floor, it wasn’t much fun.

2015/03/img_5633.jpg Apart from the cakes my Auntie called in with, the highlight of the day was finding we had a dungeon, who knew?! My first job of the day was pulling out all the protruding nails, doing this released a little floorboard , being the inquisitive type I lifted it…

2015/03/img_5630.jpg There is a cavity about six feet square and about three feet deep, with bare earth at the bottom.

2015/03/img_5631.jpg I was slightly concerned by this discovery, but Ronnie assures me this is a perfectly normal Victorian suspended timber floor. After a quick check that there was no hidden treasure (you just never know) the floorboard has been nailed back into place, just incase any trolls try to escape!

2015/03/img_5632.jpg It was impossible to operate the belt and edge sanders together as the electric kept blowing, so while Ronnie carried on I decided to knock the hearth out, the marble was a horrid pink colour and the shadows around it told us it was a non-original imposter.

2015/03/img_5635-0.jpg It lifted out in a solid piece, showing that the original hearth was a good six inches shallower. We’ll look for a replacement nearer to those dimensions. And it won’t be pink.

6 thoughts on “Floor-Bored…

  1. I’m shocked you don’t like the pink! I was very excited to hear you found a floorboard that could be pulled up. As a child I fantasized, as I think most people have, that I would find hidden treasure. You should have put something down there for someone to find in the future. Perhaps the trolls would have taken it, though.

  2. I just love the mystery of your house … all the neat things you discover with each project you do! What a great place to put a time capsule with pictures of your house renovation journey… or you could just hide Christmas presents there! lol! Put some tiny hinges on that board for easy access lol … kidding! I was thinking about your blog the other day wondering if you were still out there 🙂 So happy to see you are!
    I hope you had a great weekend!

    • Yes need to do something with it, all that secret storage space… Shoes perhaps?! Yes still here, just been doing little bits and bobs that don’t make very good reading! Will post finished kitchen in next couple of weeks, and a chair I’ve done… But lost photos of! Doh! X

  3. This brings back memories of sanding my living/dining room floor years ago, not to mention the library recently (although Eric did that one). It’s a BIG and dusty job! I also think you should make a time capsule for the little hole. What a fun discovery! It’ll be fun to see this room transform.

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