Looking Up…

We (the royal we) have been beavering away getting the ceilings ship-shape. I was totally and utterly convinced that at some point during the renovation the lounge ceiling would dramatically fall down and bring my beautiful coving with it, but actually, it’s ok! The result is thanks to scrim tape, sanding, plaster, sanding, plaster, sanding, painting, sanding… It needs a couple more coats of emulsion to stop the original distemper discolouring the finished ceiling but it’s looking fantastic.

This is how it used to look…


And now…no holes, no cracks!


We’ve also finished the kitchen ceiling…


This is big news when you’ve learned to live with this…!


Hopefully we’ll have the spot lights in place shortly. While all this work on the ceilings has been going on, I’ve been filling every coving crack and hole in sight with putty, as a result, I estimate our home is now constructed of a good 10% putty.

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