The final countdown…

So, we are finally all set to move next Friday. The solicitor revealed a few snippets of information yesterday, firstly that we should get planning certificates for the 1982 extension, which means we should be able to keep the funny little roof balcony. We also found out that the house is quite a lot older than we thought, dating back to 1848… There is an AWOL document from this period which is a bit of a concern though, as it could contain all sorts of rules which would still legally stand today should the document turn up on Ebay! We can be insured against anything it may contain, so that’s next weeks task. The previous owner was a local historian, so I’m pretty sure if the document is still around, he’d have found it… It’s probably about blackberry picking or Morris dancing anyway. Finally we found out that house is in a conservation area, which means changing the (rotting) original windows is off the agenda which is one less thing for us to squabble about. I really should be kitchen planning…

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